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The Fluidity Trader Team is here to help. Please contact us at any time with questions or issues you may have. The links on this page have been provided to assist you immediately in basic questions you may initially encounter here on the site. You can also visit the FAQ page for immediate answers on The Chart SetUp, Trade Tips, Technical Analysis, and the Glossary.
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Website and Technical Support

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These help tutorials have been placed here in a specific order to help accelerate your transition time to be knowledgeable about the features and products available at Fluidity Trader.com and to know how to easily access and fully utilize each of those features. Quick start videos for how to acquire and set up Fluidity Trader Charts on Ensign Charting software using a data feed selection of your choice from the Toolbox have also been included here for your convenience, if you choose to transition to Cynthia E’s complete /ES set up.

Please take the time to watch each video in order to learn step by step how to proceed.
1) Take the Fluidity Trader Website Tour.
2) Quick Start: Fluidity Trader Chat
3) Quick Start: Fluidity Trader Coffee House
4) Quick Start: Signing Up for Ensign Software, Inc. and Data Feed Provider. — To get a closer look at Ensign’s capabilities, click here to see Why Ensign Software, Inc.?
5) Quick Start: Downloading Fluidity Trader Charts on Ensign Software, Inc.
6) Quick Start: Opening and Closing Fluidity Trader Layouts in Ensign Software, Inc.
7) Quick Start: What’s IN the Fluidity Trader Charts Package?
8) Quick Start: Navigating the Fluidity Trader Charts on Ensign Software, Inc.
9) Quick Start: Daily Morning REFRESH routine on Ensign Software, Inc.
10) Quick Start: Fluidity Trader Templates and Studies on Ensign Software, Inc.
11) Quick Start: Fluidity Trader Objects on Ensign Software, Inc.
12) Quick Start: Fluidity Trader Drawing Tools on Ensign Software, Inc.
13) Quick Start: Fluidity Trader Tips & Tricks on Ensign Software, Inc.
14) Quick Start: Fluidity Trader Playback Layout on Ensign Software, Inc. Obtaining Historical Data for Ensign Playback
15) IMPORTANT VIDEO: Authorization for Fluidity Trader Price Histogram on Ensign Software, Inc.
16) Recover with Fluidity Trader Backup